About ICQC

About us:
Islamic Center of the Quad Cities (ICQC) is the first Islamic Center in the Quad Cities established by the local Muslims in 1982. The ICQC is the first mosque built in the Quad Cities area located at the intersection of Kennedy drive (60th St.) and 34th avenue in Moline. It was opened in October 2004.

Our Mission:
ICQC is an organization of Muslims providing facilities and personnel for regular and special prayers, religious and language education for all age groups, social and religious interaction and outreach programs with other Faith groups and other social or community organizations.

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  • Five Daily prayer services
  • Friday congregational prayer services
  • Twice a year Eid prayers
    (Eid-ul-Fitr & Eid-ul-Adha)
  • Ramadan Taraweeh prayers
  • Special religious holiday celebrations
  • Food pantry collections
  • Youth programs
  • ICQC Affiliations


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  • Weekend children Islamic school
  • Weekdays after school Quran program
  • Hadith and Quran lessons
  • Saturday study circle


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